Care Information

We use Pressure Treated Scandinavian Redwood. The timber has been infused with preservatives to protect the wood against rot and insects. We dip the timber in a water based solution to colour. We offer a 10 year guarantee against Rot and Decay but the appropriate maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the care instructions. 

After Care - Timber

We recommend every 2/3 years applying a water or oil based preservative. If your Swing / Arbour is situated under a tree, we recommend firstly removing any moss and sap that may have built up. Once the timber has faded to grey it is very hard to replenish the original colour, if you wish to maintain the colour please apply the oil within the first 12 months.

After Care - Paint

Depending on atmospheric conditions, we recommend giving attention to the paintwork every 3/4 years and only usually requiring a touch up of paint. Timber underneath the paintwork is pressure treated as stated above.

After Care - Cedar Shingled Tiles

Life expectancy of the shingles is 15 plus years if looked after.

The Shingles will turn grey within the first 12 months. You can allow them to turn grey if you wish or you can apply a preservative oil such as Barrettine and then replenish the oil every 2/3 years to maintain the colour. This is not essential, only for appearance. 50% of our customers prefer the grey look and 50% of our customers prefer the fresh look. Again if the shingles are situated under a tree, this will cause moss and sap to build up and this needs to be removed.

If you require any further information regarding the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or 01782 394587.